Cleaning Supplies

Our full inventory of cleaning products like sanitizers, degreasers, glass cleaner and dishwashing equipment is there to keep your business running smoothly behind the scenes.

Saval Foodservice is proud to partner and stock Uni-Kem chemicals and cleaning supplies.

Uni-Kem is a leader in providing warewashing, laundry, supermarket, housekeeping, and specialty chemicals to the hospitality, health care, and food service industries.

Dishwashing Detergent

Blue Magic | Pot & Pan Detergent


  • A superior, high sudsing, liquid detergent.
  • Especially formulated with the heavy duty cleaning ability necessary for the hand wash-ing of soiled pots and pans.
  • Spot free rinsing characteristics also make it an excellent detergent for use on dishes, glasses, silver-ware, and equipment.
  • Holds its’ suds and cleaning power while soaking dishes clean.
  • Has extreme grease-cutting power, yet is mild on hands.
  • Economical, easy to use, and is completely biodegradable.
    First scrape and remove as much solid food and waste as possible. Wash dishes and pans in recommended dilution of BLUE MAGIC. Rinse thoroughly in clear, hot water.


60098 Detergent Blue Magic 4/1g Uni-Kem 4/1gal
60097 Detergent Blue Magic 5gal Uni-Kem 1/5gal

Detergents continued

60158 Detergent Hi/Temp/ Liquid Decon 4/1gal Uni-Kem 4/1gal
60135 Detergent Liquid Uni-Kleen Low Temperature Machine Uni-Kem 4/1gal
60136 Detergent Liquid Uni-Kleen Low Temperature Machine Uni-Kem 1/5gal
60131 Detergent Paneriffic Solid Blue Hi Concentrate P&p Uni-Kem 4/5#
60145 Detergent Uni-Kleen Hd Encapsulated Solid Uni-Kem 4/8#
60157 Detergent Uni-Kleen Solid Control Uni-Kem 4/8#

Cleaners | Keep your staff & customers safe with proper cleaning supplies.

60180 Cleaner Disinfectant Bacoff : Bacoff is a broad spectrum disinfectant and cleaner.  Bacoff is multifunctional.  It kills mold and mildew.  Bacoff is an effective virucide and fungi stat.  Bacoff is perfect for institutional use in kitchens, food handling and process areas.  It is ideal for use in restaurants and bar areas.  Not only will Bacoff clean and disinfect, but it will get rid of unpleasant odors caused by bacterial degradation and mold and mildew growth. Uni-Kem 12/1qt BACOFF12X
60142 Cleaner Drain & Grease Trap Enzyme : Drain-Zyme is a unique formula for institutional and industrial drain line, grease trap and septic tank cleaning.  Non-Toxic bacterial spores and patented enzyme blends work together to clean clogged systems and keep them flowing freely.  Use with automatic timed dispenser or manual application.  Safe to all pipe systems and processes. Uni-Kem 1/5gal UDRZ50
60096 Cleaner Environmint Sanitizing Lemon Uni-Kem 4/1gal ELEMON4
60143 Cleaner Enzi-Kem A/P Surface Cleaner 4/1gal Uni-Kem 4/1gal ENZK4
60126 Cleaner Grease Away All Purpose : Grease-Away is a highly alkaline general cleaner for use in kitchen and food processing areas.  The product may be mopped, brushed or sprayed on surfaces to remove heavy grease and food soil build ups.  Grease-Away can also be used for regular maintenance cleaning of ovens, grills and deep fryers.  Also good for steam and pressure cleaning of vent filters, etc. Uni-Kem 4/1gal GAW4
60127 Cleaner Grease Buster Hd Grill & Oven : Grease Buster is a heavy duty oven and grill cleaner that is capable of cutting through the heaviest grease and grime build-ups.  It is recommended for use on grills, deep fryers, steak platters, hoods and canopies where there is a heavy accumulation of grease and carbon. Uni-Kem 4/1gal GBU4
60141 Cleaner Quarry Care Floor : Quarry Care is a completely safe, non-corrosive concentrate with heavy duty cleaning  power.  Its unique formulation penetrates difficult soils on paint, wood, stainless steel, floor tile and fabric surfaces and leaves the surface shiny clean.  This product is fully biodegradable and deodorizes with a pleasant lemon fragrance. Uni-Kem 4/1gal L5OSF4