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This meal is clearly an American passion, as many are eating their way through the weekend in restaurants and homes across the country.  Thankfully, brunching tends to be a wallet-friendly endeavor, whether eaten out or cooked at home.  Brunch seems to appeal to people because it’s more flexible than a dinner party.  The meal lasts about two hours instead of four, and you don’t have to exclude the kids.  Plus, it’s cheaper. . . .eggs are one of the least expensive foods you can buy.

It’s a forgiving meal, especially when you’re armed with these tips:

*  A buffet is totally acceptable – and probably more desirable.  Everyone’s happy.  You eat what you want.

*It’s okay to bring in food from a bakery or bagel shop.  Maybe a bagel station with an assortment of bagels and cream cheeses, lox, capers, onions and tomatoes. . .very elegant.

*Brunch can be sweet or savory – or both.  If you had chicken salad for breakfast, people may turn their noses, but when it’s a brunch, all is good!  Serve fruit, danish and an egg dish.  Or if you’d like, do a killer cheese board with good bread and dried fruits.

*Keep the drinks simple.  Instead of an entire wet bar, make a signature cocktail or punch that can be served with or without alcohol.  Pomegranate juice, with lemon-lime soda and sparkling water is perfect.

*Make your own (less expensive) flavored coffee.  Before brewing a pot, simply put a cinnamon stick, vanilla bean or three slices of gingerroot in the filter along with the grounds.

Now you may toast to a delicious brunch.  Enjoy!

Source: 2.14.12

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