January 14, 2015

Saval Plans Expansion

To satisfy a growing consumer hunger for roast beef, corned beef, pastrami and other deli products, Saval Foods Corp. plans to expand its plant in Baltimore, a move that will double production capacity and mean more jobs, the president and CEO said Tuesday.
January 9, 2015

The Restaurant Concepts Likely to Bloom or Bomb in 2015

Butcher-restaurant hybrids Today’s consumers are all about transparency; they want to know every detail about […]
January 7, 2015

What Consumers Want from Tablets in Restaurant

As the adoption of self-service POS systems increases across the U.S., consumers are becoming increasingly […]
January 6, 2015

The Pace of Fast Casual Pizza Accelerates in 2014

Recipe overhauls and crust experimentation were popular in the pizza space this year. But the biggest […]
December 30, 2014

Fun Food Facts

FUN FOOD FACTS Here are some fun facts about food that I bet you didn’t […]
December 29, 2014


Follow these directions for a quick and easy way to make iced coffee using a […]
December 26, 2014

Lower lobster Catch in 2014 Means Higher Prices

The 2014 lobster fishing season appears to have resulted in a lower total catch than […]
December 25, 2014


Bruschetta Italian, Appetizer Cooks in 10 – 15 mintues | Serves 2 Ingredients Ciabatta Ricotta […]
December 24, 2014

Local Restaurants are following a National Trend, Keeping Menus Short and Simple for Diners.

Restaurant menus are shrinking, with total items down 7.1 percent from 2013. Smaller menus are […]