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November 8, 2018
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In today’s busy world with meals coming at any time of day, in any shape and size, diners are diverting from the typical entrée plate in favor of mini-meals, small bites and shareable menu items. These offerings allow customers an opportunity to be a bit adventurous and experiment with flavors, without committing to an entire entrée.

Appetizer innovation also offers operators an opportunity to create signature menu items. Tater appetizers are a great way for operators to take advantage of the small plates trend and make them menu-ready. For example, savory bar bites capture a casual, flavor-forward vibe and provide a great platform for menu innovation. Mix in chorizo or beef sausage, fry and serve with a signature sauce. Skillet dishes are a rustic presentation that says authentic. Operators can prepare potato-based appetizers and top with bacon bits and blue cheese crumbles, all served in a mini skillet. Getting creative with nachos using potato-based appetizers as a carrier allows for innovative flavor combinations. Or, appeal to customers looking for plant-based menu alternatives by serving with roasted red peppers or simply seasoning with truffle salt.

Dipping sauces are another way to offer patrons a chance to try new flavors. Pair tater appetizers with on-trend dipping sauces like Harissa ketchup, Ancho BBQ sauce, or Sriracha ranch to satisfy adventurous patrons. Operators can stuff potato-based appetizers with high-impact ingredients like jalapeno, blue cheese crumbles, cheddar, shrimp or other protein for an indulgent option in a smaller portion. The possibilities are endless and profitable with modest food costs delivering high margins to boost the bottom line.

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