Bacon, an old favorite, going upscale!

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December 23, 2009
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Bacon, an old favorite, going upscale with recipes that are versatile and sometimes surprising.

Bacon inspires city chefs, down-home cooks and local food fans.  You’ll find it at breakfast, lunch and dinner – – maybe even at dessert.

It’s everything you could ask for in a food.  It’s sweet, smoky, salty, and rich;  all in one bite.

Most of you remember the wide spread talk on the “Bacon Explosion” back around the 2009 Super Bowl.  It was all over the  internet.

It definitely has become more popular.  Bacon can be used in so many different ways other then just bacon and eggs.  Pork is, sometimes, a chef’s favorite meat because there’s so much you an do with it.

Probably the most popular variety is a signature applewood-smoked bacon.  It seems most fans of bacon favor this one the most.

Great bacon starts with great pigs.  It makes a huge difference.  Normally it’s balanced between sweetness, saltiness, smokiness, and richness.  No or very little water and a six-day drying process really helps concentrate the flavor.

Bacon’s rich flavor is what makes bacon so popular.  A few slices crumbled on top of a dish can add a delicious touch.  A don’t forget your bacon byproduct – – the drippings.  They’re often used for frying or to add smokiness to other dishes.  A little dab will do ya!

Addtional Facts-
The term “Bacon” refers to the fatty meat from a pig’s belly, side, back and breast that’s cured with salt, preservatives, and/or smoked.

One cooked slice of streaky bacon contains between 35-40 calories, 100 mg. of sodium and about 3 grams of fat.  In comparison, an average slice has about 1/4 few calories than a tablespoon of butter or margarine, about 1/2 the total fat, and about 1/3 the cholesterol of butter.

A few Varieties you may see-
CANADIAN BACON – Oval-shaped cut from pork loin.
COUNTRY-STYLE BACON – Thick sliced bacon, salty, cured, and heavily smoked.
JOWL BACON – Southern style cut from pork cheek and contains more fat.
PANCETTA – Dry-cured pork belly, not smoked and from Italy.
STREAKY BACON – British term for American supermarket bacon.
SALT PORK – Mostly fat, with a little lean.  Mostly used for flavoring.

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