Are Americans tired of long restaurant menus?

admin | October 20th, 2014 - 1:21 pm

Are Americans tired of long restaurant menus?
For years, long, winding menus were the fad. The more options a restaurant offered, the less likely diners would want to go elsewhere, the thinking went.

But Americans are finally growing tired of all the clunky, and often confusing, food lists. And restaurants seem to be taking note.

Most major chain restaurants and fast food establishments are all agreeing that their menus are too large and have reduced offered items.  Some as much as 30 items.

Many eateries are now opting to downsize their menus. Industry-wide, the average menu size has fallen to fewer than 93 items this year in the United States, after reaching a peak of nearly 100 items per menu in 2008. The average restaurant menu is shorter today than it has been in at least eight years.

The trend is clearest among newly opened establishments, where menus are nearly 40 items shorter on average.

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