America’s lust for bacon isn’t letting up, pushing pork belly prices up 80%

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June 19, 2017
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Appetite for beef and bacon typically swells ahead of the summer grilling boost; beef has fallen from its mid-June peak but not bacon.
Consumers are eating a lot of bacon, including on top of burgers, driving frozen reserves to a six-decade low, according to USDA data.
A national craving for bacon is pushing U.S. pork-belly prices to record highs.
Prices for the part of a hog used to make bacon have risen around 80% this year, while frozen reserves are at a six-decade low. Americans bought around 14% more bacon at stores in 2016 than in 2013, according to a market-research firm.
The consumer has simply woken up to the joy of having bacon on more and more things.
Once considered a more unhealthy byproduct of a hog compared with prized cuts like pork chops and tenderloin, bacon has become a guilty pleasure amid a broader embrace of fatty meats. In the past decade, bacon has popped up on menus far from BLT’s and breakfast specials. The craze has gained pace this year.
Fast-food chain Arby’s Inc. last month introduced a series of “triple thick” bacon sandwiches. Brooklyn-based eatery Landhaus serves maple bacon on a stick. And bacon-themed summer festivals have sprung up in cities across the country.
Source:, 7-15-17

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