nina | November 11th, 2013 - 9:00 am
It may not be the most important meal of the day but lunch is certainly among the most costly.

Americans go out for lunch on an average of twice a week and spend $10 each time. That means they’re spending $936 annually.

That amount is higher for men who outspend their female counterparts by 44%. Men spend on average $21 for lunch while women hover around $14. 

If you’re living in the northeast, you’re likely spending more each time you go out for lunch. Northeasterners spend 14% more per meal than the national average at $11.40 for a weekly total of $17.10. Compare that with southerners who lead the regions of the country in spending per week. The average Southerner eats out twice per week, spending $10 each time for an average of $20 per week.

Interestingly, those making less money end up spending more on lunch than those who make more. According the survey, those who said they make less than $25k per year spent more per meal, at $11.70, than those in any other income bracket. In contrast, those earning over $50,000 per year spent an average of $9.60 per meal, a difference of 22%.

Here is some great advice. . . Clipping a coupon, choosing a less expensive item or brown bagging it can save you hundreds over the course of a year. Eating lunch at a restaurant isn’t a bad thing, but it has to fit within your budget.

source: FORBES.COM, 9-25-13 

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