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November 23, 2019
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November 29, 2019

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The holidays are a time to celebrate, go the extra mile, and make the season feel a little extra special. In foodservice, that can mean enticing your customers by updating your bar/happy hour menus by adding an elegant touch, using expendables, such as skewers, paddle picks and knot picks to upscale appetizers.

A Modern Look

Using expendables, can add a new and modern look to appetizers. They also make it easier and more fun to eat finger foods. Especially when catering small bites to large groups. The added grip and reduced messiness that expendables provide enhances the experience and menu for all attendees at your bar/happy hour.


Available in wood or bamboo and in a large variety of sizes, skewers are one of the most versatile expendables. When using the sizes, they can be used for mini kabobs with meats or fruits. They can also be an elegant bite when plating a two- or three-piece appetizer like steak and peppers. Longer skewers can be used to pile on the flavor for a colorful array of food that leaves guests satisfied. They can also hold larger pieces of chicken breast, lamb, steak and shrimp.

Plastic Disposable Triangle Prism Picks

These Plastic Disposable Triangle Prism Picks are durable and strong garnish sticks that are easy and perfect for garnishing drinks or serving appetizers. With a simple design and super smooth surface, it is perfect for holding together wraps, burgers, sandwiches, etc. The safe, rounded triangular edges make it easy to grasp or pull when removing it. Cocktail Drinks instantly become elegant and sleek, perfect for stirring a tall or short drink or dressing with limes, orange slices or olives etc.

Paddle Picks

These picks are made of bamboo and feature the light green bamboo skin on one side. This adds a natural touch of color to appetizers that guests will notice. Smaller sized paddle picks can be used to hold together small sandwiches or sliders or can hold tiny bites like a meatball or sausage, for example. Larger paddle picks can hold stacked food bites, just like skewers. Paddle Picks feature a modern style, wide paddle on the top for easier gripping and handling. They’re a perfect versatile choice for updating your appetizers, sandwiches and burgers.

Knot Picks

Knot picks are particularly popular due to their delicate and elegant design. They are slender and sharp, decorated by a modern knot on the top. Although delicate looking, their bamboo material ensures foodservice durability and strength. Since they’re available in small and large sizes, knot picks can be used for a variety of appetizers. Smaller ones can hold together a two-piece bite like a cheeseball and a piece of sliced meat. Larger ones can hold a filling appetizer like antipasto on a stick: olives, tomato, cheese, salami and spinach.

Plastic Disposable Sip Stirrers

Plastic Sip Stirrers are available in many sizes for that tall or short drink. These single barreled black stirrers are the classy accent to any kind of beverage your establishment might serve, from a cappuccino to a cocktail. Unwrapped for convenience and with two size lengths, these stirrers can be the practical solution for all your refreshment needs.

These are just a few options that offer such a modern play on traditional cocktails and appetizers. The bar industry or happy hour at a restaurant is very competitive and can be difficult to run successfully due to the razor-thin profit margins, but expanding you bar with expendables in this unique way can help liven it up, become profitable and succeed.

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