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July 30, 2018
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August 6, 2018

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It’s the color…not the brand that matters when it comes to sweetener packets. The tabletop sweetener caddie was once just white sugar packets and “pink” saccharin packets. Over the years new sweetener flavors were introduced such as “blue” aspartame, “yellow” sucralose, “green” stevia, and “brown” turbinado sugar.

As the sweetener caddie became more crowded, the retail brands have declined in sales while private label sweeteners have increased. This is due to consumers caring less about the brand that’s on the front of the sweetener packet and more about the color, or flavor, of sweetener they are using. Older demographics are most loyal to pink and blue packets, while yellow packets remain the preferred color for zero-calorie options overall. Green, stevia, packets and turbinado raw cane sugar (“brown”) packets are seeing the fastest growth of any of the sweeteners due to the natural aspects of these products.

With so many sweetener options to choose from, and private labels delivering the same taste and sweetness as retail brands, it is no wonder the consumers choose their sweetener by color…not the brand. Ensure you have what your guests want – a full rainbow of sweetener options that will help you sell more beverages!

Content courtesy of Sugar Foods Corporation


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