8 Ways to Enhance your Corporate Identity

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August 27, 2018
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August 31, 2018


Your corporate identity is a vital aspect in terms of building your business into a prosperous, successful venture. Which is why one of the basics which every business owner must know is to get their business card or brochure only printed by the best in the business printing companies like Catdi Printing, cause the better impression you make, the better the chances of making sales and expanding business you will have. Communicating your core values in a clear, consistent manner is crucial to your aspirations. Your corporate identity is how the consumer sees you, it is your reputation and your voice, and it is also the basis of this article where we will look at the possible ways to enhance this, one of the most important facets of your company, your corporate identity.

Firstly you have to ask yourself a few questions,

Do people understand what it is your company stands for and what it is trying to achieve?

Do you have a clear proposition? Does your marketing material and all content related to your company reflect this?

After you have answered the above questions and if necessary taken the steps to address them, you should also implement the following guidelines:

  1. First impressions are vital

This is true in most areas of life, rightly or wrongly, and nowhere is this more pertinent than through your corporate branding. This can include your language, logo, color scheme, use of imagery, typography and design. No matter how well equipped your company is, if the consumer gets a poor impression of you from any of the above then you may not get another chance to impress, use it wisely.

  1. Optimize Your Content

Your content is your point of contact with the consumer, it is also your voice and the main aspect that will attract the consumer to engage with you. It is therefore vital that you are creating content that the consumer will seek and above all, find useful. The providence of high quality content that the consumer finds relevant to their needs will add credibility and trust to your brand and strengthen your corporate identity in the marketplace.

  1. Use multimedia content

Visual content has been proven to have a higher conversion rate than the written word alone, utilize all your resources to accentuate this. You can implement this through the use of audio and video within your content, video is predicted to have a huge year this year due to advancements in broadband speeds and device capabilities. If you haven’t already, now is the time to get on board…

  1. Keep a consistent strategy

First and foremost you have to carefully decide what message it is you are trying to convey, when you have, stick with it, trying to position yourself in too many different categories will only serve to confuse the consumer and dilute your message.

  1. Use one name, logo and style

Your name, logo and colors should be present on all marketing material and content, the same adage can be applied to the fonts and styles used throughout. This should be applied across the board, no exception, from blogs to social media, websites to business cards; they should all carry the same identity making you instantly recognizable.

  1. Develop a consistent voice and tone for your brand

There is nothing quite as unsettling for a consumer than your brand suddenly ‘changing their tune’; if your company starts to send out mixed messages through the tone or voice used within your content you will again dilute your message and standing. Give your brand a personality by maintain a consistent message.

  1. Keep your promises

If for example your brands promise is to always deliver on time then ensure that you endeavor to do this consistently, time after time with no exception. This will consolidate the consumers trust in your brand and encourage further engagement.

  1. Tailor your message

Work out who your target audience is, what is they wish to learn or find out? Provide what it is they require, and do it on a consistent basis.

Source: 3D Issue; greatmenusstarthere.com, 8-19-2018


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