7 Tips for Trimming Down and Getting Healthier, While Eating Deliciously

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August 12, 2014
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Trim portion sizes, build a healthier plate, and don’t automatically eliminate foods from your diet.

Try to cut out most of the junky stuff – Avoid and don’t eat any processed or manufactured food products

Here are seven ways towards trimming down. . .

Get healthier: Just try to feel better. Become more active as well.

Nothing processed: Don’t eat any junk that’s processed.  Make almost all of what you eat — which isn’t hard if you keep your diet simple, and shop the farmers markets.

No fake fats: Be particular in the types of oils you choose –Use olive oil, and butter. But none of that stuff in the plastic tubs.

Tasting only: Cooking large quantities of food can be full of temptation – Resist. And when tasting what you cook, taste just enough to know when the flavors, consistency and doneness are right.

Build your plate: Start with vegetables – whatever is beautiful and bright and colorful, fresh from the farmers market. That becomes the main dish. Who needs meat, other protein at every meal?

Keep meals simple: Maybe an ear of fresh corn with some butter and a touch of salt; some green beans from your local market or garden; and a fresh tomato sandwich on 12-grain bread. Delicious.

Be mindful of snacks: Eat Clif Bar products as a snack. Also buy cherries or strawberries or a bunch of carrots. Keep them around. You have to plan — from the buying, to the moment it goes into your mouth.

Source:  cleaveland.com/dining 8-7-2014

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