5 Steps to Develop Holiday Facebook ads for your restaurant

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December 22, 2016
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December 30, 2016

The holidays are almost here! Let current and prospective customers know about your festive holiday offerings. Promote your private party spaces, brand merchandise and gift cards on your social media pages, and make it easy for customers to enjoy festive celebrations with you.

Take these steps to develop effective, targeted holiday Facebook advertising campaigns:

  1. Define what you want to achieve. Outline your marketing and sales goals and form a plan for your Facebook advertising campaigns. If you have a private party room and online gift cards, for example, you can develop campaigns for both of these sales objectives. A Facebook push campaign, which beams notifications out to select users, could promote your gift card offerings around Cyber Monday, when many shoppers are online looking for deals. As incentive, consider offering early booking discounts to guests who make purchases by a certain date. You can also consider gifting the kid diners small toys to make their parents happy.
  2. Identify your target audience. Use Facebook’s audience insights to better understand your current and potential customers so you can tailor your campaigns to them. Explore “lookalike audiences” to find more prospects similar to your best customers.
  3. Design your creative. With beautiful, crisp imagery, entice new and returning customers to act on your ad message. Via a short video or to-the-point, clear still-shots rotating on an ad carousel, you can highlight multiple angles of your restaurant space and best-selling dishes.
  4. Allocate your budget. Keep in mind that the Facebook auction process, which Facebook uses to balance the interests of users and advertisers, gets especially competitive during the holiday season. If possible, you may want to add more dollars than you typically allocate to your social media budget. On well-known shopping occasions, such as Cyber Monday, when you may want to add even more to your budget.
  5. Test, measure and tweak. Facebook ads are not something you should set and forget. Test a few different ads with different creative or targeting and check on their performance after 10-14 days. Track which one is performing better with your audience and tweak your ads accordingly. Turn off low performing ads and/or increase your budget to further capitalize on the successful ones.

Source:  Restaurant.org, Dec. 2016

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