Saval Foodservice’s Annual Golf Tournament

Chef Bryan’s Chicken Wings from Around the World
December 23, 2009
Center of the Plate
January 27, 2011

Diane Perry, Executive Director, Paul Saval, Pres., Saval Foodservice, Shirley Howard, Pres. of the Board & Founder, Emma Handzo, CCF Child, & Jerry Chadwick, Lancaster Produce

8th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Benefitting the Children’s Cancer Foundation
Whiskey Creek Golf Course
More Info to Come!

Bob Plant, Dominick’s, Elliott Tinkham, Fusions Sales, Jason Valentin & Lee Dec, Saval Foodservice

Saval Foodservice Charity Golf Tournament Volunteers:  (Front) Ledia Hill, Jaime Leiner, Nina Blush Riley, Valerie Nowak; (Back) Brigitte Wilton, Terri Goodrich, Michael Thompson, Bryan Bernstein, Mary Rychwalski, Dennis Barry.

Eden & Tye 4-some, Steve Dill, Abuelita, Bill Post, Marc Eden & David Wineholt, Eden & Tye

Chris Goldstein, Tyson Foods, Todd Furr, T. Furr, Wayne Caplan, T. Furr

1st Place Team. NAI-KLNB (Brad Berzins, John Boote, Brian Kelly, & Jeff Clary)

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