4 in 5 consumers eat ethnic cuisines regularly

September 24, 2015
A Shrine to the Bialy
September 28, 2015

Whether sticking to a few tried and true favorites or taking a “the more the merrier” approach, there is no doubt Americans today are enjoying global cuisines and flavors.

Eighty percent of consumers eat at least one ethnic cuisine per month, but many are much more frequent eaters, according to the National Restaurant Association’s Global Palates: Ethnic Cuisines and Flavors in America report.

This research found that ethnic cuisines have become part of regular diets for a majority of Americans, indicating that the global flavors trend is only getting stronger. With one million restaurants across the United States, there is a plethora of options from which to choose.

Forty-one percent of Americans report eating between one and three cuisines each month, 22 percent eat four to six, and 17 percent say they eat at least seven ethnic cuisines monthly.

Younger consumers are more likely than older consumers to be frequent eaters; nearly half of consumers 18-44 eat at least four ethnic cuisines each month, compared to fewer than one in four of those 65 or older. Families with children are also more likely to eat a wider range of cuisines regularly.

The Global Palates report details consumers’ familiarity, trial and frequency of eating various cuisines, when and where they get them, plus findings by 30 individual and group cuisines and items.

Source:  http://www.restaurant.org/News-Research/News/4-in-5-consumers-eat-ethnic-cuisines-regularly/ 9-23-15

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