25 things you should know about hot dogs

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July 12, 2019
July 15, 2019

As National Hot Dog Month dawns, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC), in recognition of its own 25th anniversary, and the Beef Checkoff have rounded up 25 facts about hot dogs you may not know.

Among them:

  • Mickey Mouse’s first on screen words were “Hot Dog!”
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt served hot dogs to King George and Queen Elizabeth. The king ate two.
  • Americans say the celebrity they’d most like to enjoy a hot dog with is 97-year-old Betty White.
  • Hot dogs were first sold at baseball games in 1893.
  • A prime spot outside New York’s Central Park Zoo costs hot dog vendors nearly $300,000 per year.

The NHDSC also has gleaned history’s best hot dog-related quotes, such as, “A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz,” and “I love a Hebrew National hot dog with an ice cold Corona – no lime. If the phone rings, I won’t answer until I’m done.”

Hot Dog Meme Contest

As part of the Hot Dog Month fun, the NHDSC is inviting hot dog fans to show their creativity by developing a hot dog meme that demonstrates their love for hot dogs. Hot dog lovers can send their meme to contest@hot-dog.org by July 12 for a chance to win their favorite hot dogs, a NHDSC Wiener Warrior t-shirt and more. Winners will be announced on National Hot Dog Day, July 17. Full contest details, including a guide to memes, are available at www.hot-dog.org.


Source:  www.meatingplace.com, 7-4-2019

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