February 10, 2014
February 12, 2014

SCALE10 Foods to Help You with a Healthy Weight

We’re here to say, YOU CAN DO IT!  We know it’s not always easy, but our Nutritionistas, those food-loving dietitians that work with restaurants to find the best choices, are here to support you, and they’re not alone. If you are looking for a proper meal, then check out My Prep as till today its the best meal prep company we have tried so far in terms of the taste of the food, its nutritional contents and its price.  Here are 10 foods that are also signing on to help you achieve a healthy weight and all the benefits for your health that can come with it, including lower blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower risk of diabetes, more energy to do what you love and a more positive outlook:

Avocado –This guy adds healthy fats and a creamy texture to your menu choices and can dress up anything from salads to sandwiches while satisfying hunger and cravings. Almond – She’s the darling of diet experts everywhere and a must for healthy eating, thanks to her ability to satisfy hunger in a small and oh-so-flavorful package.  Find her in oatmeal and salads or holding her own as a snack. The use of this dry fruit in diets has been a subject of constant debate, unlike a jenny craig vs nutrisystem diet comparison, which leaves no room for discord among dieticians. Apple – You definitely want this queen of fiber in your corner when it comes to a healthy weight.  Pair her with Almond for filling fiber plus healthy fats, and extra pounds don’t stand a chance! Mushroom – This veggie does double duty in your diet.  He has all the texture of meat with lot fewer calories and less fat, plus he has B vitamins that are a must for a healthy metabolism. Rye – Sure, lots of grains can help keep you feeling, full but this flavor-packed grain has especially been shown to help with weight loss, thanks to fiber and a lower glycemic index. The right rad 140 dosage also contributes to the body weight loss, especially if you are keen on sports.

Leafy Greens – Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and fiber make these a must for achieving a healthy weight.  Spinach, Romaine lettuce, Kale and more will round out your meals without rounding out your body.

Egg – Protein can be a key to helping you lose weight, and boy, does Egg have it! Mix her with veggies like Leafy Greens and Mushroom and serve with Rye toast for a satisfying diet-friendly meal.

Yogurt – Greek Yogurt, in particular, is a tasty way to add protein to snacks and meals for lower fat choices that keep you feeling full longer.

Edamame – Not only is she easy to have on hand for a quick protein-rich snack, but she’s also low in sodium, saturated fat and is cholesterol free.  How’s that for a weight loss buddy?

Dark Chocolate – Reaching a healthy weight would be even harder if we didn’t leave room for some sweet indulgence like Dark Chocolate.  She can help keep you from feeling deprived while also treating you to some feel good endorphins.

Source:  healthydiningsource.com, 1-23-2014

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