nina | August 19th, 2013 - 9:00 am
If you or your customers are currently utilizing digital media, here are 10 quick digital media best practices that you should know.
  1. Develop an Objective: Select an objective first and then select what social media tool you can utilize to meet this objective.
  2. Generic Email Address & Password: Create social platforms using a generic email address and password to allow otherS within a company/business access to monitor accounts.
  3. Content Calendar: Develop a content calendar to help guide future digital media posts and discussions. This will also help if more than one person is posting or sharing information.
  4. Create a Common Voice: When using a social platform like Facebook or Twitter, create a voice and character response style.
    1. Is your company more “corporate and professional” or “laid back and informative?”
    2. Consistently use a similar response approach such as singular (Using “I”), plural (We, Name of Company), persuasive or narrative response.
  5. The New KISS Concept: Remember KISS “Keep It Significant and Shareable” when creating and posting content to digital media platforms.
  6. Tweet 123 characters, not 140: If you want people to retweet content, make sure you leave space for the 17 characters needed for the “RT @yourname:”. Thus 140 (character max) – 17 (my RT count) = 123 (length of my posts) and will help increase your retweet rate by up to 60%.
  7. Video Rule of Two: Keep your shots/slides less than 2 seconds each in order to continue engaging the viewer throughout the video and use the tools of digital media management for videographers.
  8. Respond to All Posts: Respond to all posts/comments/tweets regardless if they are positive or negative.
  9. Third Party Monitoring: Utilizing a free third party tracking company, like Hootsuite, TweetDeck or Social Mention can help save you time posting and tracking information on digital platforms.
  10. Conversation Not Numbers: Digital media can track the number of likes, followers and fans, but don’t base success solely on these numbers. A truly successful page will track the type of conversations coming from a digital media platform, not just the number.Source:  Uniprofoodservice.com, 8-12-13
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