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Increase your bottom line with the Lacas Coffee Sales Plan

Have you lost sales to national chains?
Key supporting facts and OPPORTUNITIES:
-82% of coffee is consumed before 12 noon each day in the US.
-36% of people at work brought their coffee in from somewhere outside of work other than home
-80% of coffee is consumed at home – an untapped market, if your customers enjoy your coffee, you might consider retailing (TAKE OUT) your products.
-Over the last three years gourmet coffees like cappuccino, espresso & flavored coffees have grown by 33% in consumption.
-There were 1,500 coffee shops in1990. In 2003 there are over 11,000.
-Dunkin Donuts new remarketing of their stores is all about coffee. Virtually nothing is being said about donuts.

LACAS COFFEE – Branded Retail Program will help you increase your sales
Get the immediate attention of your customers that you have great coffee
Communicate to your customer:
-The quality of your coffee
-The importance of coffee in your establishment
-That you are prepared to sell coffee quickly on a Take-Out basis with your Fresh Food Menu

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