Beverage Program


Increase your bottom line with the Lacas Coffee Sales Plan

Have you lost sales to national chains?
Key supporting facts and OPPORTUNITIES:
-82% of coffee is consumed before 12 noon each day in the US.
-36% of people at work brought their coffee in from somewhere outside of work other than home
-80% of coffee is consumed at home – an untapped market, if your customers enjoy your coffee, you might consider retailing (TAKE OUT) your products.
-Over the last three years gourmet coffees like cappuccino, espresso & flavored coffees have grown by 33% in consumption.
-There were 1,500 coffee shops in 1990. In 2003 there are over 11,000.
-Dunkin Donuts new remarketing of their stores is all about coffee. Virtually nothing is being said about donuts.

LACAS COFFEE – Branded Retail Program will help you increase your sales
Get the immediate attention of your customers that you have great coffee
Communicate to your customer:
-The quality of your coffee
-The importance of coffee in your establishment
-That you are prepared to sell coffee quickly on a Take-Out basis with your Fresh Food Menu

Download the Lacas Coffee Brochure
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Bubbling Brook is an affordable and quality solution to big soda brands and drink syrups. Bubbling Brook carries not only your bar and beverage basics but also an extended line of products.

  • Modern soda dispensing system installation, preventative maintenance and emergency service will guarantee you are serving the best tasting Bubbling Brook sodas to your dining patrons.
  • Saval will provide the right equipment for your operation.
  • Customers receive reduced monthly equipment rental and service fees. Based on purchases, monthly equipment rental and service fees may be waived.
  • Customer agrees that only products sold by Saval Foodservice will be used with Saval owned equipment.

Download the Bubbling Brook Brochure

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