Fresh Cut Steaks

Featuring Hartley Ranch Genuine Angus Beef and Auth’s Fresh Cut Steaks

Auth’s Fresh Cut Steaks  “A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE” since 1875, the Auth’s brand has been the brand of choice for the finest restaurants and institutions.  Saval Foodservice is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Auth’s brand steaks and meat products.  The Auth’s brand of products is cut to your specifications, giving you the best possible yields and consistency to your operation.  With over 140 years of knowledge behind the brand, ask for Auth’s and experience the “TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE”.

Hartley Ranch  Hartley Ranch Genuine Angus Beef is committed to providing our customers the highest quality, branded beef that can be trusted to deliver superior taste and legendary tenderness consistently.

Every Hartley Ranch Genuine Angus Beef Product is:

  • Angus Heritage Verified by DNA Testing
  • Source Verified to Ranch of Origin
  • USDA Certified
  • Fed a Vegetarian Diet, 100% Zilmax-Free
  • Raised Humanely with Sustainable Ranching Practices


Hartley Ranch Genuine Angus Beef offers USDA inspected Prime, Choice, and Select cuts of Angus beef, and Halal Certified Genuine Angus products.

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