nina | November 22nd, 2011 - 9:00 am

Every cook likes to show off sometimes, and few dishes are as beautiful as the old-fashioned but remarkably light souffle, very yummy!  The secret to these perfect puffs has everything to do with egg whites.  Whip in a blast of air, and carefully incorporate froth into a creamy base.  Then serve right away.  These delicate creations defy gravity for a few fleeting moments. 

Be sure to following these 3 basic steps to the perfect Souffles:

1.  Coat the Dishes.  Lightly coat dishes with cooking spray.  Then add a coarse ingredient to provide traction.  Granulated sugar works for sweet souffles, and breadcrumbs for savory.

2.  Whip the Egg Whites.  Souffles are leavened only by egg whites; separate the eggs carefully so they’ll whip nicely.  Beat whites just to medium peaks;  Test to see if they stand at 45 degree angle to be sure.

3.  Gently Fold.  Incorporate the egg whites into the heavier base by pushing lightly down and pulling the heavier custard mixture up and over the whites, using a sweeping S motion as you work.

Source:  cookinglight June 2011

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