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MAKING A MENU It is important when you prepare a new menu that your items are cross merchandised throughout the menu more than once.  For instance, if you have a grilled chicken breast as a sandwich then there should be a place within salads and entrees that use a chicken breast.  It is possible that […]

Patrick Cudahy Donates $50,000 to the Cudahy, WI Fire Dept.

nina | March 30th, 2011 - 9:00 am

Smithfield Foods Inc. and its Patrick Cudahy unit said Friday that they would donate $50,000 to the Cudahy,Wis. fire department, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.  The donation is in recognition of their “heroic efforts” in fighting a blaze that nearly consumed the plant over the July 4th weekend, 2009.  The Cudahy Fire Department plans to use […]

A Cutting Board & Your Kitchen

nina | March 29th, 2011 - 9:00 am

A cutting board is one of the most functional tools in a kitchen, but it could also be harboring a ton of bacteria.

If not properly cared for, your cutting board just may be the culprit of you making people ill – not your cooking.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that each year about 1 out of every 6 people – or 48 million – will get sick from some type of food-borne disease.  Many of these diseases can be prevented by simply cleaning your cutting board and avoiding cross-contamination of foods.

Whatever your preference, wooden, plastic or glass boards can be used for meat and poultry.  But the salad veggies should not be cut on the same board as raw chicken.  Consider using separate boards for meat, poultry, breads, veggies or seafood.  This will prevent cross-contamination to foods that do not need cooking.

Color coding your cutting boards is an outstanding idea to avoid cross-contamination.  Maybe use a red board for meats, and a green one for veggies.  Some plastic boards have pictures of a chicken or a vegetable to avoid confusion.

Wooden cutting boards have been king of the kitchen for centuries, used when choosing an onion chopper, for displaying cheeses and presenting meals.  However, plastic and acrylic boards are not cutting-edge in the kitchen and preferred by chefs.  Not only are they more durable and dishwasher tough, but some will not retain bacteria.

Personal Preference.   It really comes down to an individual’s preference.  Traditional wooden boards are left in the dust.  Every cut on a wooden board leaves a gateway to bacteria growth.  To ensure those grooves aren’t inviting micro goop to linger, wooden boards need to be sanded down and treated with mineral oil.  Food-grade mineral oil can be soaked into the wood until it won’t absorb anymore.  Maintain your wooden boards when first purchased should be treated before hand with mineral oil, once a day for the first week, once a week for the 1st month and then once a month for a year.  Do not use vegetable or olive oil; it can turn rancid.

Source: 3/23/11


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DANGER ZONE FOR FOOD 41’- 140’F is considered the danger zone for food.  It is important to store hot food above 140’F or cold foods below 41’F because bacteria have less chance to multiply when at these temperatures. CHILLING HOT FOOD It is important when cooling down hot food that you cool cooked food to […]

The Limerick Pub

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THE LIMERICK PUB 11301 Elkin Street Wheaton, Maryland  20902 301.946.3232 Location:  Wheaton / Silver Spring, Maryland Got Corned Beef & Cabbage, Shepherd’s Pie, and Irish Reuben?  The Limerick Pub does. The Limerick Pub’s speciality, of course, is Irish pub fare with an upscale twist, live entertainment, and weekly activities/events! The Pub just opened on […]


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SPICE & HERB STORAGE TIPS -They can be maintained longer if they are stored air tight -Keep away from heat and moisture -Best flavor when used by:     Ground spices – 3 years     Whole Spices – 4 years     Herbs – 1-3 years     Seeds – 4 years (except poppy seeds and sesame seeds […]

Eat Heathly. . .Stay Young!

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To slow aging and prevent disease, make sure your diet includes these six foods. Scientists have identified certain foods that can boost your health and even help slow down your biological clock. 1.  Fish.  The Omega-3 fatty acids from certain fish lead to improve our metal capacities and mood.  Fish oil is great for your skin, […]

Cattle Futures Hit All-Time High

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The prices of U.S. Cattle futures have hit an all-time high as the industry braces for declining beef supplies and the export market continues to soar. 

The retail U.S. price of choice beef was at $4.54 per pound in January, and it’s expected to continue to jump. 

Export demand for U.S. beef climbed 24% in 2010 and is remaining strong.  Beef exports were up 25% in January compared to a year ago; beef imports were sown 20%.  Keep in mind that feed costs are also going to be  a record high this year, so it’s not quite as wonderful when you look at the bottom line. 

Another factor is a drop in cattle weights, which indicates tightening supplies.  The average cattle weight dropped from 625 to 610 pounds between February 12 and February 26.

Beef has reached a low point, but we’ll get tighter yet.  This is probably the year we begin to aggressively retain heifers for herd expansion.  Given that we are at such low levels, our ability to expand will be limited for a couple of years because we just don’t have the number of cattle.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that the nation’s cattle heard is the smallest since 1958.

Source:  Meatingplace Online;  By Michael Fielding, 3/11/11

RAM Announces 2011 Nominees for “Stars of the Industry” Awards

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Restaurant Association of Maryland ANNOUNCES 2011 NOMINEES for “STARS OF THE INDUSTRY” AWARDS Online Voting Now Open; Dining Public Encouraged to Cast Votes for Favorite Restaurant, Chef, Bar or Tavern, Wine & Beverage Program, “Green” Restaurant and More!(Columbia, MD)—The Restaurant Association of Maryland is excited to announce the finalists for the highly anticipated 2011 “Stars […]

An Poitin Stil

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An Poitin Stil 2323 York Road Timonium, MD  21093 410-560-7900 Open Daily:  11am-2am CELEBRATING 7 FULL DAYS – FRIDAY, 3/12 THRU THURSDAY, 3/17 – ST. PATRICK’S DAY Area/Location:  Timonium, Maryland Specialities:  Irish and American Fare An Poitin Stil is truly an authentic Irish pub. . . enter through the castle doors, different rooms and […]

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